Wild Makeup Ideas That Every Girl Should Try

Get inspired by crazy makeup trends through bingo Have you ever been stuck in a makeup rut where you find yourself applying the same thing every day, thus you stick to styles that you now find unexciting and overused? Then it must be time to change things up. Makeup is a lot like clothes; you don’t want to be wearing the same thing every day and be accused of having no fashion sense. Considering that women do spend about 3 hours and 19 minutes on average per week looking at themselves in the mirror Read more [...]

Pastel Shades of Flowers and Stripes

I know that today is the last of the holidays but hey brighten up! We will always remember the good times of the holidays. Today here is a look that I love for the weekends, as it is very comfortable and we love color: pastel shades. We have already seen that this spring: pink and flowers will dress our closets. So I took advantage of the sales to buy clothes in these colors. For example, this blue floral blouse I found in Zara for 7 euros. To combine it with a stripe skater skirt that I love Read more [...]

Printed Pants

With the arrival of spring one of the colors that appear in all collections, it is printed pants. So I looked for the printed pants for me. Specifically, I found these printed pants that cost me 7 euros. I like them because they are not fine cloth jeans but are not marked at all. Although it is best to combine white ankle pants is wear them with heels, as this type of pants makes you short, this time I have chosen to wear it with boots that had seen several girls and had liked me. Although petite Read more [...]

Ripped jeans + Aqua Blouse

After the storm, the calm always comes as the song says, and we have had enough rain this week. Hope you stayed safe and happy because you have passed this week peacefully. It's almost summer! I start a very positive week because I will run the race for the Women of Mary Kay's. I'm ready to stop playing to withstand the 7km as champions! My companions will be Stephanie of My Kingdom for fashion (she will be joining us mentally haha ) and Nuria of Two on the Runway. For the look for today I Read more [...]

6 Unexpectedly Affordable Cosmetic Procedures

As a result of progress in contemporary surgical methods, more individuals are determined to get cosmetic processes. These processes are often rather unsafe, but they are additionally really affordable. Here are a few surprisingly affordable aesthetic processes you could have done. Laser Skin Treatment Perhaps you have looked in the mirror and been sad with the skin that you just have? Possibly there is a crinkle which you did not see before. Or perhaps you simply need to usually enhance your Read more [...]